Steve's Background

    I was born and raised in Irving, Tx.  I’ve been painting since I was a young child. I have been influenced in many ways from my travels across America as a child, and visiting parts of Asia, Africa and many Mediterranean countries while in the service. Both my Grandfathers worked with there hands and I spent many hours working in workshops building and creating and finding the aesthetics of wood very satisfying.  My Grandmother is the person in my life that sparked my interest in Art very early in me. She took me to the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum in Oklahoma many times as a child. Seeing the Russell’s and the Remington’s when you are very young was super amazing! She put my two sisters and I in art classes very early and I got my first start with oil painting in the 5th grade. I have basically been painting ever since. I have not yet been able to focus on just one type of subject matter and medium. I do have my limits and Style, but I move from Abstract Landscapes to 3D work to Figurative work and then back again.  Since most Artist end up specializing on one medium and style, I thought I would have too as well, but now I know that when I embrace switching from one thing to another is not only supports the other work but elevates it. My greatest pleasure is in the composing. So if you see my work jumping from a Colorful Minimalism painting to abstract realism, just go with it. I am still waiting for some Art Critic to come along define what I’m doing, so I can put all that to rest.

More Background......

    At the age of 19 I went into the United States Marine Corp from 1987 to 1991. I spent two years in the Philippines and that experience has been the single most influential thing in my life. I travelled to Africa and spent sometime in the Mediterranean Countries. I have been in martial arts for most of my 20’s and 30’s receiving two different Black Belts in two separate styles. The most Coveted one from the Art of Kung Fu San Soo, of which I was also certified and allowed to teach for a short while.

If you want more insight to what I am doing with my work and each picture, you can check out my blog. I got opinions, but I don’t always share them. Blogging will be a real mind expanding experience for me.